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Since this campaign began, I have been knocking on doors, receiving citizen’s phone calls and e-mails. I will continue to listen to your concerns because this is our city and it would be my job, as councillor, to represent you.

Improve congestion and road conditions > Our infrastructure needs to catch up with our growth. The long anticipated Highway 8 and Highway 24 by-pass needs to happen!

Proposed Franklin Boulevard roundabouts > I have major concerns with the large number of proposed roundabouts, the safety of pedestrian traffic at St. Benedict’s School and whether or not large vehicles will in fact be able to navigate them. Further discussion between the City and the Region is needed to ensure, if the proposal moves ahead, that it is done right the first time.

Plan for Light Rail Transit > The Region’s current population density and demographics do not warrant the cost of this proposed system.  Our Region’s population is too spread out to make efficient use of LRT.  Cambridge would have to wait at least 20 years for the service to be completed, meanwhile having shelled out millions toward the project with virtually no benefits.  The present LRT proposal is not feasible for Cambridge.  We need to improve bus service now and continue to push for GO Train Service directly to Cambridge.

Seniors’ Housing > I will work to increase affordable housing and improve services for our seniors. Two-year waiting periods for housing and overcrowded nursing homes, resulting in extended hospitals stays for seniors, are unacceptable. Cambridge’s senior population is growing; housing and services must grow too.

Recreational facilities > Improvement is needed at the local arenas and sports fields. Affordable activities for young people and young families is necessary to keep our community active, involved and wanting to stay in Cambridge.

  • Bring GO Train Service to Cambridge.
  • Lobby the Region to increase police presence in the downtown cores.
  • Generate economic stimulus by working with the 3 Business Improvement Association's to revitalize our core areas with appropriate venues to give residents business and entertainment options, increase tourism and preserve Cambridge's beautiful heritage.
  • Explore the possibility of bringing Junior A Hockey to Cambridge.



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